The Phuture of DeFi — year 2035

Zeel Patel
3 min readNov 5, 2021

“The traditional Finance was a very tedious way of organizing assets, something which has been addressed and solved by the current DeFi revolution in 2035”

— A quote in the newspaper read, dated August of the year 2035.

The intermediaries have successfully been removed from day-to-day banking life, people now never go to such financial institutions and rely only on the decentralized finance they have on their phones and laptops!

This Phuture looked very unrealistic in the years of 2017,2018,2019 but the DeFi revolution changed everything — from eliminating the traditional way of dealing with financial institutions to optimizing the process of managing assets.

“all you need is an internet connection” — a popular quote used by tech CEOs nowadays in the year 2035.

The Revolution

DeFi has truly changed the way everything is perceived nowadays, people now don’t fear the blocking of their payments or blocking of their assets by any centralized body, something which previously took away people’s financial freedom in a way that they couldn’t figure.

The money is now truly held by ourselves, the people — not a company, not a bank or institution, certainly the financial freedom that was required for a revolution like this.

The money is controlled solely by us, the people — we don’t need to trust a company to manage our financial assets and money and also have blind faith that it’s being handled properly. The money that is truly ours now only possesses in our own hands, our own wallets.

No personal bias is happening in this Phuture, everyone has their own financial freedom and DeFi is open to everyone in this world, to whoever needs it.

The transactions nowadays barely take any time, like it happens in a blink of an eye, no more troubling ourselves with unnecessary paperwork of bank when we need to transfer our OWN money from someplace to someplace.

We can freely make transactions without the fear of constant tracking from any authority which might use the information to assess or analyze our assets.

The Change We Needed

All the DeFi platforms are how they need to be, transparent and like an open book, something which is appreciated by everyone in the year 2035, the haunting fear of the secretiveness of financial institutions is no more, everything is as transparent as it could be. People can see what’s going on and analyze for themselves what to do with their money rather than trusting an institution on which they don’t even have full information.

The unimaginable thing that once was just a speculative idea now is reality. Real-world assets can now be connected to DeFi! The NFTs revolution in the early days formed a major breakthrough after which a lot of DeFi protocols introduced ways to relate synthetic assets to the real-world, which has changed the perception of how things work in the year 2035. The revolution has truly worked its magic into the world and DeFi has changed definitions, for the good.

Credit Scores and Loans are given to people not based on their block-chained based IDs which are digital, a huge leap in the sector, which once was monopolized by the traditional banking sector, something with a large amount of paperwork and uncertainty; something which was not always favoring the user itself.

Protocols like Phuture are doing extremely well in the year 2035, being very transparent and involving the people in their decision-making processes. A lot of platforms have also taken inspiration, doing the same.

The Big Question

“Will…we…be…bankless?” — the question that always haunted us in the years of 2017, 18, 19.. now we have our answer. We truly do.

In the year 2035, the year of Decentralized Finance, the Phuture of Finance is looking the brightest, and the institutions that once monopolized the markets and took away the financial freedom of people to manage their own money and assets no longer function in the majority, which proves that this is only going to get better!

The ever-growing growth of Decentralized Finance is only bringing a change and a revolution that the world deserved and wanted, cheers to a more financially inclusive future!

Let’s see what the Phuture truly holds!