Staying true

Zeel Patel
2 min readJun 1, 2021

Answer the following questions in terms of true or false:

A statement we’re all familiar with, a section of tests we all loved, didn’t we? What did we call it? Yeah, the “scoring part” of the test/question paper/exam.

Just two possibilities, true or false, 50% chance of being correct, odds we definitely loved in our time growing up giving these exams.

Ah, how easy it would’ve been if life also had such a section, you know to cover up, we would all make strategies to balance everything out just like we used to in exams.

But life isn’t a true or false section, unfortunately (or fortunately?). Things aren’t just that straightforward.

Just image someone saying the correct things, would do all those correct things, wouldn’t life just be tons easier? People following all the promises, never lying, saying the truth always but that’s not how life is, it’s the mixture of all these idealist principles and an equal proportion (in fact, larger) of bitter realistic principles with no balance or equilibrium, basically just an unbalanced turmoil.

So what’s a truth then? What’s a lie? When is something false, if people don’t have the essence of it?

It all boils down to staying true. More than saying the correct things, more than being a haphazard supporter, more than anything, it just boils down to staying true.

In fact, majority of humans alive run away from this, why take such burden, when all it takes to solve something is to make up lies and people estimate it’s easier to lie and get away with it; to be really honest, it is actually very easy to lie. In fact, it requires no time to develop this skill, one can easily stay false.

Staying true requires being genuine. In this world of masks and deception, it’s basically impossible to find someone or something genuine. It’s impossible to define genuine actually, it comes down to gut and perception to be able to accurately predict that but it has odds way worse than our ideal 50%.

Words are easy, actually, they’re a piece of cake, one can say anything and make it feel like they’re the most genuine person on Earth; words, words, words, the biggest deception of the worlds. You just never know.

Turns out, life is just a problem with no absolute solution but just values of prediction which might be close around to the solution or may at least feel like it until it doesn’t. It’s just important to stay true to the calculations while arriving at the solution considering the problem actually has no absolute solution.

Just my thoughts,
probably a genuine person.