Phuture Protocol — Crypto investing made easy!

Zeel Patel
3 min readNov 5, 2021


Investing strategies have always been an asset in the traditional markets that have been there for a long time and since the web3 revolution is taking place, it’s already high time that people need something like Phuture Protocol, which is also decentralized and helps people create and invest.

Phuture Protocol is a community-friendly platform where users can create their own indices or just as a community platform, use the indices that are already created by other users in the community. A solution like this helps the community grow in an exponential manner since the learning curve is very high when people see and invest in index funds that are created by the community itself.

Phuture Protocol brings to life a very user-friendly experience as well, as mentioned by the team itself, Phuture is very committed to acting in a way that’s most beneficial to the community and its users. Hence, they’ve made sure that the UI is friendly yet has the required amount of depth and tools that make for a successful platform.

What I find unique about Phuture is also their “Index Creator Tool”, which helps the users create their own indices and share them with the community. The tool also supports a lot of available options including features like automated sector tracking and dynamic weighting methodologies.

Phuture brings Index Products to crypto, outlining and supporting Index products’ growth in this space which is growing exponentially. Index Investing is something which is followed very much into the traditional practices of the market and Phuture aims to introduce this practice to the users in this space as well.

The Index Platform of Phuture basically will entertain the flow of capital and channelize it into a meaningful investment for both — the users that have been in the space for a long and also the users that are new to this space.

It’s a very general assumption that diversified investment into sectors attracts more benefits and profits, Phuture Protocol makes sure that its tools allow exactly that, letting the users get benefit out of the growing market and the tools supporting new sectors in the market as well, which makes the Index creation tools of Phuture extremely useful.

With all this, what I also love about Phuture Protocol is how it lets the token holders take part in the process of decision making, the way governance is handled is a very important part of a community. So, the transparency and constant community involvement of users in the governance of the token, make Phuture a platform worth exploring. It is also optimizing the opportunity cost by leveraging the off-platform yield.

The community is what makes Phuture a very friendly protocol, with members communicating and involved in the decision making process so closely, Phuture is bound to have a successful journey!

Phuture supports all ERC-20 tokens — including native assets and equity-linked tokens as well.

This way, Phuture is creating a platform that is valued by its users and that’s what attracts everyone.



Zeel Patel