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My College Life

My dear friends,

You all know me fairly well and know that I am quite an outgoing person, someone who likes to just be on the move all the time; and my college life is just how I want it to be, regardless of how lazy I can be.

First thing in the morning, my only mission is to wake up and get some breakfast for myself before everyone gobbles it up themselves, and that’s the hardest part of the day. Completing that mission opens up a plethora of things for me to do around my campus after the classes get over, ranging from just lying down under the sun on the grass to playing drums in the music room — sometimes even foot-racing my friends on our campus roads, talking about all these things hits me with an acute nostalgia, I cherish all the moments with my friends, all those small chit-chats in the mess, late-night walks under the lights, ordering food and probably a thousand other things that I don’t even want to recall considering that I might just cry, ah, the nostalgia here is very hard-hitting. I love my campus and every single moment of it. Every moment.



Vaguely accurate.

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