Introduction to Jivisha

Zeel Patel
4 min readNov 17, 2020


“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”
~Robert H. Schuller

A quote that aligns with our thinking of why we chose this project and why do we aim to solve this problem of people being not aware of their ancient culture, missing on how amazing it is!

Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world with a lot of things that make it diversified, Ayurveda being one of them, a very strong pillar of Indian culture and what it stands for. Even after having such a rich culture and such original cultural sciences that have been proved to be very effective, our very own people are not aware of how amazing of a Vedic Science Ayurveda is, that’s a big problem since Ayurveda has solutions to problems that not even the modern science can solve, we want everyone to know about it and embrace it — be proud of it since it’s one of the things that have been fascinating even the modern Science with its remedies and effects of it on the human body and how seamlessly they work.

There have been quite a few research papers and studies on the importance of Ayurveda in our day-to-day life and how it can improve one’s lifestyle to a great extent — with no side effects and a longing effect.

Citing a few quotes from research papers to support our basis for selecting this project.

“The potential of Ayurvedic philosophy and medicines needs to be recognized and converted into real-life treatment paradigm”, an excerpt from the research paper — [1].
Citing from the same paper, there are a few lines also showing the importance of no side effects:

  • “The trials consistently demonstrate excellent safety of Ayurvedic medicines”,
  • “The data from the trials also support the Ayurvedic ‘Rasayana’ concept of immune-modulation and healing.”

Citations from a few more research papers:

  • “Several Ayurvedic medicines have been exploiting for the treatment and management of various diseases in human beings. Several drugs have been developed and practiced from Ayurveda since ancient times to modern practice as ‘tradition to trend’. The potential of Ayurvedic medicine needs to be explored further with modern scientific validation approaches for better therapeutic leads.” — [2]
  • The present review highlights on the major goal of Ayurveda and their significant role in healthcare system. Ayurveda deals with several classical formulations including arka, asavas, aristas, churna, taila, vati, gutika, bhasma etc. There are several lead molecules that have been developed from the Ayurvedic herbs, which have various significant therapeutic activities” — [2]
  • “Ayurvedic principles, such as the tridosa (three humors) theory, provide the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm that can be applied in day-to-day practice” — [3]
  • And a few more, which basically gives us an idea as to how even modern studies suggest that applying Ayurveda in day-to-day life is a very productive way of life.

Features and Working

Before reaching the Main Page of our application, a user is required to register himself to be able to access the application and so that we can provide personalize it more for the user.

Login and Register Page of Jivisha App

Our main page consists of all major four sections our app is made of:

  1. Doctors
  2. Home Remedies
  3. My Quiz
  4. Lifestyle

Below, all the features are being briefly explained one by one.

All our features — Jivisha App

(i) When the user chooses the Doctors tab, it takes the user to a page where the user can search for nearby Ayurvedic doctors through the location the user enters.

(ii) In the Home Remedies section, the user is redirected to the page filled up with all the variety of Home Remedies our application provides as information, classified accordingly.

(iii) My Quiz sections contain the quiz that classifies the user into an Ayurvedic body type from Vata, Pitta, or Kapha and shows the score and percentage body type.

(iv) Lifestyle sections consist of the daily routines according to the person’s body type and some general techniques that could be put use in daily life to stay healthy like meditation.

These four are our use cases.

Experience and Learning

All in all, we as a team came together with similar interests and an idea worth pursuing to learn new things — technical, non-technical, and even things way beyond our academic scope.

We fixed bugs, coded a lot, made a whole application, designed it, made it work like we wanted to, discussed things, had meetings, made decisions, aborted a few ones, learned better Java, mastered GitHub and understood its importance in teamwork, professionally managed, committed and pushed stable versions of the app and A LOT MORE. The experience was worth it and we, as a team, would like to thank our University for giving us the opportunity to work on a project like this and shaping our future career in a way during the course.


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