GCR: Global Coin Research — uniting learners and investors!

Global Coin Research, apart from being a decentralized and tokenized Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a community of learners and investors that are united under this platform.

The idea in itself is very interesting, the way GCR is taking the leap in the learning space by having a native token $GCR, which enables the community members that hold this token to take part in various activities, get resources, join programs and events which is a unique utility for a token — a token that unites the community members to come together and interact.

Global Coin Research is heavily invested in spreading content that’s creating awareness about the web 3.0 space, it has its own Newsletter which is subscribed by 30k people including founders, investors and media people that get to learn a lot by the articles that are posted on Global Coin Research website.

Content is the key to spreading awareness. Which Global Coin Research is doing so well.

Apart from spreading the word through content, I love how the community interacts through Discord in the Weekly Hangouts, where AMAs are held by the devs, discussions regarding a lot of things and a lot more. This shows how dedicated the team is to initiate the conversations that are needed to be done, a way that’s just going to help everyone learn and grow.

A very very unique thing about Global Coin Research is they also have their own event calendar, events which are hosted virtually and IN REAL LIFE TOO! YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT, THEY ALSO HAVE IRL EVENTS PLANNED!

The GCR holders can be part of any of these events!
The calendar looks like this, full of events that unite people:

The GCR community is also very keen on investing in projects that they see fit.

There are also various tiers that the community members can hold according to their needs and interests, which makes the classification easier.

There are basically 3 tiers:
Tier 1: Gold
Tier 2: Alpha
Tier 3: Community

Tier 1 being the highest one, which gives the community members access to things like Meeting with Founder, Exclusive Deal Access, Monthly $GCR Distributions and Governance Proposals.

Tier 2 being the middle tier which has all the benefits excluding a few in the Gold tier.

Tier 3 is the community tier which has the primary goal of community interaction.

They also have great tokenomics, of which 70% is allocated to community treasury and 30% to the team!

A community based DAO which helps people learn, Global Coin Research is truly going to go places and their approach towards it is going to accelerate it even further!



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